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Formations training is a driver for internal promotion

the quality of our services depends greatly on the level of technical expertise and behavioural experience of our employees. Drawing from this we implement an important yearly plan with actions spanning three areas: technique, safety and management. The training sessions can vary in length from short halfday sessions to six month sessions of periodic training the options are varied and are adapted to the staff profiles throughout their career.

The number of hours that arbe devotes to training its staff is well above the legal requirements thanks to this dynamic training policy:

4914 hours of training.

61% of Arbé’s employees followed a training in 2012.

The technical training such as reading plans topography laying prefabricated elements making slabs with different levels of user access allows the employees to validate the experience they have acquired on the worksite and to perfect their theoretical knowledge and practises.

Safety and prevention is core to arbe s workplace policy and we offer many safety training sessions to all of the staff so as to mobilise everyone in the same direction zero accidents. Slinging installing scaffolding movements and postures using a flame torch driver safety certificate caces for worksite machinery first aid various training sessions are offered that go beyond the minimum required by law and raise the level of global safety within the company.

The management training offers employees the opportunity to improve their worksite organisation group communication management of colleagues safety supervision and better manage their yearly interviews.