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KNS Foundations for the power plant

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Project Date : 



Project description :

Important foundation work for the electrical power plant for the KNS plant. This worksite was characterised by the execution of 2 identical lines of concrete, running 2 300m³ each (a total of 4 600m³). These massive foundations were specific in that they required our deep foundations teams to install a large number of ground anchors. The main massif of 550m³ required 6 weeks of reinforcement laying (180T) carried out in one go, by two teams that relayed each other over an 18 hour period of continuous work.


Client :



Worksite supervisor :



Location :

Koné, VIA zone of the Northern plant in Vavouto


Reception date :

October 2010 


Cost of works :

440 000 000 FCFP


Technical expertise :

Structural engineering, work on an industrial site

Superficial foundations, ground anchors


Particularities of the site :

  • Large quantities of reinforcement and concrete
  • Specific casting of 550m3 in 18h timeframe
  • Over 1000 anchors
  • Precise adjustment of anchoring (adjustment tolerance = +/- 3mm)