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Ouena bridge

Project Date : 



Project description :

The Ouena bridge is a 80-meter-long structure with a frame structure called a discharge structure, offering a larger hydraulic section in case of flood. The project required a pre-loading phase with vertical drains (on the right bank) and pre-loading embankments (on the left bank) in order to compact the soil.

The main structure consists of four 20-meter spans based on traditional 30-meter deep cased drilled piles (1400 mm diameter for abutments and 1200 mm for river supports). 40 prestressed beams of 18.8 m were required for the 4 spans. The total concrete volume of the two structures reaches 900 m3.



Client :

The North Province


Worksite supervisor supervisor :

The North Province


Location :

Kouaoua (East cost of New-Caledonia)


Reception date date :

December 2017


Cost of structural works :

610 000 000 XPF


Technical expertise :

Preloading embankments with vertical drains, massive earth moving, drilled piles of great depth, long beams


Particularities of the project :

  • Traditionnal bored piles
  • Prestressed beam bridge
Arbé Pont de Ouéna Génie civil
Arbé Pont de Ouéna Génie civil
Arbé Pont de Ouéna
Arbé Pont de Ouéna