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Marine engineering

In recent years, Arbé has specialized in marine works, with a number of large-scale docks to its credit: quai des Caboteurs, quai de la Batellerie, and more recently the large quai d’Ouvéa,

the largest marine structure ever built by our teams.

Arbé’s great strength on these structures is to be able to make full use of the synergy between the Foundations and Civil Engineering sectors.

We also build smaller structures such as dolphins, offshore piles for pylons, fixed or floating pontoons, quay repairs and other maritime structures…

Arbé’s par equipment, qualified teams and network of partners enable the company to position itself on structures of all types and sizes.

Discover the film shot during the handover of the Wadrilla quay in Ouvéa, with an overview of the main features of this unusual structure:

Quai de Wadrilla, Ouvéa
Arbé Génie civil
Fondations de pylônes en mer pour Enercal
Arbé Ile des Pins Wharf de Kuto Génie civil
Petit wharf de Kuto