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Our relationship with student institutions: looking out for tomorrow’s talent


Arbé is convinced that the  work placement is a means of acquiring a good understanding of a job, of sharing knowledge and expertise, of testing skills required to fit into the business community.

It is without doubt a determining factor in validating career choices for the youth.

Thus Arbé has created strong links with student establishments and their students, not only throughout New Caledonia but also in France. We welcome students from all horizons with differing profiles, cultures and experiences and whose level of study varies from CAP (equivalent to a Certificate in Vocational Training) to Engineering Diploma.

Arbé is also concerned about providing opportunities for those further away from the economic pole that is Noumea, and is committed to welcoming students from the high schools in the Northern and Islands Provinces of New Caledonia.

The business is invested in schools on a regular basis: worksite visits are regularly organised for the vocational schools and apprentice training centres (known as CFA in French) to our chief sites which gives the students an opportunity to discover the reality on the ground: we participate each year on the exam juries which allows us to nourish the relationships with the student institutions.

If you would like to join our team for a work placement, do not hesitate to apply by clicking on “Contact us”.

The company also focuses on  apprenticeships / sandwich courses  that prepare the students for professional diplomas. We train the student in the culture and the image of our company, and in the needs of our company. The student alternates between work within the company and theoretical lessons with one of the specialised training centres (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Association of Construction Training, Adapted Military Service…). We work with them in training leading to qualifications and we are proud to take part in their integration into the professional world.