Foundations and consolidation of embankments

Located near the old toll station, the Tina nursing home is a residence for dependent elderly people.

We have made the foundation piles of the building with the hollow auger and we are also in charge of reinforcing the slope by nailing and shotcrete (1100 m² to realize).

We nail the slope with the drill MC800 equipped with a new hydraulic percussion hammer with a cut of 89 mm in diameter. Compared to our traditional downhole hammer, this method has the double advantage of being much faster and producing significantly less dust during drilling. 294 nails at depths of 2 to 6 meters will be required, totaling 1349 ml.

2 teams are working on the site at the same time, one for nails, the other for reinforcement of the embankments and the projection of the concrete.


Architect: ARTIMON